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We are committed to providing an outstanding environment for our employees, a caring and dynamic workplace where our associates can apply their talents for the good themselves, our company and our customers.

We are an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practice in any way, When reviewing candidates for employment, we seek only to build a team of motivated, talented associates who are driven to excel and who will enhance our staff’s ability to deliver innovative and effective services and products in an atmosphere of shared goals and responsibilities.

If you would like to apply for Service Technicians or Sales Representatives, please submit your resume, cover letter and any other supporting information that would assist in the evaluation process by faxing your information to us at: 03 2181 1030 or by email at: info@lbshygiene.com.my

Becoming a Franchisee

Why LBS Hygiene?
Benefit of being LBS Hygiene Franchisee

LBS Hygiene is possibly one of the most exciting franchise opportunities available in the Mainland China at the moment. Service locations now include Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macau, Shanghai, HangZhou and Taiwan. Due to the overwhelming success of the LBS Hygiene business and unlimited business potential in Mainland China, it can be seen that there will be more investors to join the LBS Hygiene family, and to become a franchisee for the most successful, award winning franchise in the commercial hygiene industry.

We are rightly proud of the achievements, and we promise that we will try the best to provide the best service and complete system to our Franchisee.

High Business Potential

Exclusive territory to develop the LBS Hygiene service and products in China

Limited Competition

There is no other company in the market that offering the wide range of products and services that LBS Hygiene does

Unlimited Market

All commercial and industrial buildings are our potential customers including restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, beauty salons, casinos, car dealers, grocery stores, convenience stores, manufacturing plants, churches, schools etc

Low Capital Investment

The LBS Hygiene Franchise is one of the most affordable business opportunities in the market. Once the business becomes profitable, there is never a need for additional capital investment for growth purposes

Training and On-Going Support

A new LBS Hygiene franchisee not only gets significant initial training in sales, operations and all aspects of the business, our support centre is ready at all times to assist the franchisee in whatever way necessary including day to day operation. A proprietary software is also provided to all franchisees which greatly enhances the efficiency in operation and administration